We foresee holistic
growth of the
kids through sports


Parents are a crucial piece in the puzzle . We work closely with the major additions to our program has been is the parent engagement activity. Through one-a-one parent visits (once every two months) and parent meeting, the purpose is to raise awareness of parents about importance of sports so they encourage the children to continue playing irrespective of academic pressure and at the same time sensitize kids about diet and routine.
We have also started with community-based mobilization through initiatives like Mohalla tournaments. This tournament is organized within the community at a local ground/park to enable more children to experience playing in a fun and competitive environment


Our “SPORTS CENTRIC COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT” program is an after school program aiming to build a culture of sports in the community. The program involves all the three key stakeholders CHILD, PARENT & COMMUNITY to create sustainable impact. 

This is a high rigor program aiming to develop role models of sporting excellence and utilizing this as a proof point to drive the communities perception change about sports . Rightly so, the approach is holistic and long term. The program is designed to be a 7 year long athlete development pathway, scaffolded into 5 key stages Discovery, Fundamental, Development, Performance, Excellence , inspired by the globally acknowledged LTAD model (Long term Athlete Development). 

Our program intervention  is to  directly work with communities. We approach the communities, families therein to understand the context , assess the challenges and then start implementing the program in a phased manner. The core aspect of our program is to work with children directly through sports sessions (includes sports specific sessions, strength & conditioning sessions) & support sessions (includes discussion on diet, sleep, lifestyle,  career in sports, game analytics and injury prevention).

Past Programs


As of right now, the KKMF have already established plans to execute and implement in the future.

  • We will concentrate on the existing 2 communities and expand our reach within the communities to deepen our impact through the hub & spoke model of clusters.
  • In terms of delivery of program, we target to achieve the outcomes in areas of improving health, sporting excellence, parental investment & community engagement.
  • We will focus on nurturing community leaders for the sustainability of the program.
  • We will strategically advocate for a long term grassroots sports policy and coach development.