Our stories of success
speak for themselves


  • Impacted 250 aspiring grassroots players in the form of rigorous after school  training 
  • Supported approx 600 children & 100 families through extensive parent awareness workshops as well as mohalla tournaments 
  • 80% children in the program complete the fundamental phase (1 year) of the program while 60% completes till Development phase (3+ years) 
  • 30% of families have enrolled two or more children (siblings of older players)  in the program 
  • 90% of families are onboard in terms of providing equal opportunities & societal + economic freedom/ access to girls enrolled in the program 
  • 100% of our participants are aware & exercise healthy food choices on a sustained basis. 
  • 1 in every 5 children in performance phase of our program  have represented at National level & 1 in every 3 children have been called up to the state selections camp 
  • 8 children in football & 3 children in Kho Kho have represented Delhi in National Championships over the last 4 years across age groups. 
  • Qualified to Delhi womens Premier league (top tier)  in 2021-22 (under the aegis of Rangers SC) with the youngest squad (avg age 15.2) in the country in any senior age category state  level tournament 
  • Runners up in Delhi Futsal Senior womens Category in 2022-23 (under the aegis of Delhi FC)



About a year back, at one of our sessions, Divya asked "main bhi khel lu" (Can I play as well?) and since then there's been no looking back...


He used to always wake up at 4 a.m. in the morning, help his father with his tea-stall, and come to school every day.That way, life was perfect...


In just 7-8 days of coaching, she outperformed and became a star player...


Fellowship with a Non- Profit Organization; No pay; uncertain challenges every day!...


The little girl in this picture is Ruchi Yadav, who is wearing the Delhi team jersey for the U-15 national girls football tournament held in June, 2020 at Odisha. She was the youngest player in the whole squad at 13 years of age. Right now, she is one of the most promising players in the KKM girl’s football team with skills and performances which have earned her a lot of praise in the Delhi's football community. But the stars weren’t always in favor for Ruchi. She was born a premature baby at just 8 months and struggled with health problems during the initial stages of her life. Her first exposure to sports came at the KKM league in 2014, when she was just 8 years old and it was surprising for a lot of people to see she was so fast and strong in spite of her physical structure. She got enrolled in the community program in 2015 and never looked back since. Her coaches had doubts if her physicality would hinder her growth as a football player but she proved everyone wrong with her grit and determination. It is impossible to intimidate this little girl and while you are reading this, she might be spreading magic on the football pitch with her breathtaking skills..


Krishna Arya was a student of Govt. Boys senior secondary school, and had a sheer passion for sports.KKMF had a special addition to their team this year. Krishna Arya was a student of Govt. Boys senior secondary school, Qutub, Mehrauli and had a sheer passion for sports. In 2016, he played his first ever KKM league, representing his school football team. He again played in the 2018 edition winning a couple of “Man of the Match” awards. “The whole KKM experience was wonderful, I got to a chance to play a highly competitive league and the MOTM awards gave me the push to do more”, he told me during a conversation. So, when he heard about KMMF hiring youth mentors/coaches he decided that he wanted to be part of it. He truly wanted to pursue his interest in sports and make it into a career. He believed that KKM was the best place for it and he passed the selection process to become a part of the team. Krishna now coaches the community kho-kho team in Aya Nagar and is also a part of KKMF’s school program. He finds great meaning in mentoring young kids who share the same passion with him, -love for sports..


When Raziya first started playing football, her mother was really worried. She would even complain to the coaches that her daughter’s skin complexion was getting darker...