At Khel Khel Mein we facilitate holistic development among vulnerable youth through structured sports to overcome adversity & flourish in a fast-changing world. Our vision is to foster a culture of sports across communities India where children play, perform, prosper. Over the years we have reached over 10,000 children across Delhi through all our programs.

    Our VISION

    Our vision is to champion grassroot sports.


    Our mission is to work with low income communities so that: 

    • Children & youth experience structured sports 
    • They build high rigor of skills for competitive sports 
    • They access pathways in sports to progress and excel 
    • We nurture an ecosystem of changemakers for sports


    When we as a society talk about sports, The  challenges are deep-rooted and our narrow  outlook as a society towards physical  education  has exacerbated that. Some factual evidence that corroborate this:

    • Only 15% of children meet recommended standards of fitness 
    • Approximately half our  children and adolescents are meeting are accumulating the minimum recommendation of 60 minutes MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity) per day, as per Active Healthy Kidz 2022 India report card 
    • As per WHO 2022 report 72% of male & 76% female adolescents (11-17 yrs age) are physically inactive 
    • 30 medals in Olympics as Independent India across 22 editions 
    • Unicef's World Obesity Atlas for 2022, India is predicted to have more than 27 million obese children, representing one in 10 children globally, by 2030.

    The WHO constitution states: "Health is a state of  complete physical, mental and social well-being  and not merely the absence of disease or  infirmity." According to sports and health programmes by  WHO , sports and health go hand in hand, offering  people all over the world, of different abilities and  ages, the chance for happier, healthier and more  productive lives.

    The reason why the above situation exists is because:

      • Sports as a pathway, is not yet aspirational & sustainable for children & adolescents 
      • Sports approach curriculum/ pedagogy/ approach does not inculcate life skills 
      • Lack of grassroots sports across the country and hence ambiguous tracks and opportunities for growth


    Children/Youth need constructive  involvement directed towards fitness and  learning through sports to focus their  scattered energies in a positive and productive direction for a better future.  There is thus, a major need for long term  interventions with children at a young age  focusing on their overall health development. 

    Here at Khel Khel Mein , we promote inclusivity  and ensure that sports opportunities are provided  to children from all backgrounds. Our program  focuses on building a more positive , healthier and  stronger society. We have been working across  schools and communities in Delhi since 2014.